Amagiate Quests are based on Anno Amagium: our free, Patreon-supported web serial. The story follows a trio of wizard detectives in a world where humans have an inborn capacity to perform magic. These potentially destructive powers are governed by a global order known as the Amagium, which imposes a license system dictating what sort of spells and magical technology can be safely used by the general public. Click here for more info!

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Comp. Fiction Quests +1 Point Each
These are some fandoms and franchises with huge Anno Amagium energy. Complete quests from these categories from the Epic Quest Tome to earn points and hear what they have in common with our serial.

Erudensis Practitioner +2 Points
Take a picture of a character who uses both martial arts and supernatural powers to fight. “A trained soldier might take an amagia in a straight fistfight. But the athenaeums train them to fight with their wyrds from adolescence. And honest violence doesn’t stand a chance against combat magic.”

Monstrum & Malefaction +2 Points
Snap a picture of a dangerous magic-user or monster. “The most prestigious beat a Keeper can walk is M&M. It’s also the most dangerous. You have to be a bit cracked to hunt murderous hedge-casters and literal monsters.”  

Welcome to Arroyo +2 Points
Watch the Anno Amagium series trailer. “The City of Bridges and Briars looks picturesque. A privileged, sunny suburb of Los Angeles that seems like it has nothing to hide. But that’s the thing about privilege. Decent people get to see what they want to see, and bad people can hide their secrets in plain sight.”

One of Us +3 Points
Join the Anno Amagium Discord and introduce yourself. “Asfalis means ‘safe,’ supposedly. Once a person tastes real magic though? The asfalis world feels fainter. Life without it becomes a tepid prison.” 

Squad Up +3 Points
Photograph a team of 3 supernatural heroes to assemble an Amagiate Peacekeeping Venture. “Keepers work in three-man ventures. The amagium says it’s a matter of command structure and consensus in the field. But any fool knows there is power in trinities.”

Profiling +5 Points
Review the Characters Page and snap a picture of a cosplayer or congoer who gives you the same vibes as any of the characters listed. “It takes a certain sort of person to become an amagia and it takes a certain sort of amagia to declare peacekeeping as their discipline.”  

Roll Your Read +10 Points
Roll a D10, read (or listen to) the numbered episode that appears on the dice, then tell us what you think! Prefer to avoid spoilers? You can also start with Episode 1. “Chance and fate are two sides of a flipped coin and one will fuck you just as bad as the other. But you can’t make your own luck without the occasional gamble.”