Born in Copenhagen, Scandinavia, Sevardin “Sev” Harker’s family moved to the Pacific States of Ericia when he was 9 years old, in 2326 A.A. In 2329, Sevardin entered the Arroyo Athenaeum’s 51st cohort, finishing his matriculation in the standard 11 years. A poetic soul raised on stories of heroism and driven by a powerful sense of justice, Sevardin seeks to save as many lives as he can.


The youngest scion of the storied Valmont line, Alinore “Lin” Valmont enters the Arroyo Athenaeum’s 77th cohort to step out from her legendary father and brother’s shadows. Her decision causes great chagrin to her mother, who simply wishes she would settle for being a wealthy heiress and socialite.


Sired by the Fae Royal, Sciol Dawncreed of the Summer Court, Hace has struggled with his mixed parentage for his entire life. In addition to inherent bias against half-fae, Hace has a vanishingly rare condition that makes him extremely valuable to the Amagium.

[NOTE: Character art commissioned from @itslunaticstar.]