We have teamed up with professional voice actor and experienced narrator, Daniel J. Lawson, to bring the first 6 episodes of Anno Amagium to life. Eventually, with sufficient interest and support, we hope to narrate future episodes regularly. Please share these brief previews with friends and fellow fantasy readers, and let us know what you think on Facebook, Discord, or Patreon!

Episode 1: Crucible
Sevardin Harker, a newly minted officer of the Arroyo Peacekeeping Force (AKF) gets in over his head when he encounters a form of magic most people consider fiction.

Episode 2: Cupellation
Sev’s venture eradicates the threat lurking in the Devil’s Gate flood control system and wrestles with the frustrating realities of the AKF.

Episode 3: “Halfies”
Hace Matthews meets Cyphira Quinn as the Arroyo Athenaeum’s assessment exams conclude, just before incoming aspirants are accepted.

Episode 4: The Nature of Magic
Hace and Cyphira meet their enigmatic and eccentric mentor, Fera Fitzgerald.

Episode 5: Hammers and Scalpels
Alinore Valmont is crestfallen to discover her new mentor, Lewin Carroll, is a scholar rather than a Peacekeeper.

Episode 6: Making a Splash
Lin immediately makes a name for herself on campus, and comes to an accord with her roommate, Pensey Hayes.