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Episode 1: Crucible
Sevardin Harker, a newly minted officer of the Arroyo Peacekeeping Force (AKF) gets in over his head when he encounters a form of magic most people consider fiction.

Episode 2: Cupellation
Sev’s venture eradicates the threat lurking in the Devil’s Gate flood control system and wrestles with the frustrating realities of the AKF.

Episode 3: “Halfies”
Hace Matthews meets Cyphira Quinn as the Arroyo Athenaeum’s assessment exams conclude, just before incoming aspirants are accepted.

Episode 4: The Nature of Magic
Hace and Cyphira meet their enigmatic and eccentric mentor, Fera Fitzgerald.

Episode 5: Hammers and Scalpels
Alinore Valmont is crestfallen to discover her new mentor, Lewin Carroll, is a scholar rather than a Peacekeeper.

Episode 6: Making a Splash
Lin immediately makes a name for herself on campus, and comes to an accord with her roommate, Pensey Hayes.

Episode 7: Rescues – Introductions
Sev goes on a double date with Juel at the Hahamong’na Reservation Carnival.

Episode 8: Rescues – Interventions
Sev relays the story of his first meeting with Juel to his date, Sala.

Episode 9: Pops
Hace intercedes in a fight on behalf of his roommate, Glem Grayson Hughs.

Episode 10: Rivalries
The Cohort of ’44 gathers for target practice, followed by a discussion of history and tradition.

Episode 11: Rubedo
Sevardin’s venture investigates an apparent group suicide at the Calle Colorado Bridge.

Episode 12: Kingmaker
After shooting practice, Carroll introduces Lin to an enigmatic heirloom and a phone call interrupts their lesson.

Episode 13: Nigredo
Sevardin IDs a suspect. A enigmatic third party intrudes on Delle’s meeting with Carroll.

Episode 14: Cirinitas
The Task Force discovers the suspect’s hideaway and learns of a mysterious ‘patron.’

Episode 15: Albedo – Impuritas
Sevardin delves into Dessen’s past as the hour of confrontation draws near.

Episode 16: Albedo – Ablutio
As Samhain falls over Arroyo, the task force prepares to face off against the xenomancer.